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A little info on the Photographer

How it began...


Like probably the majority of people on the planet, I had not a clue what to do as a career. I found work on a movie set, quite unintentionally, and loved it ! Because of some of the activities I took on around these sets, I found what it was I wanted to do. Stills photography. Plans for this started within a few weeks when I started studies at Pretoria Technical College in South Africa in 1986 and have remained in the industry ever since.

Experience and knowledge...

An immense amount of experience and knowledge in the photography field has been gathered over those years. Assisted and worked with many of the "big guns" in the early days and as you can imagine, the array of photographic subjects over this period is vast. Everything from wildlife to marathons, jewellery to jumbo jets, local and abroad.

The new project, is WILD

In 2013 I turned my attention to something I have always been wanting to do. Get out into the wilderness. After a three year period of further studies and projects, the wilderness project is running. Now the photography is "going wild". It includes safari adventures, photography workshops and nature guiding. The future looks exciting and will take us on many new experiences and adventures.

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